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The Perfect Couple: Wines to Love this Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, (or ‘Galentine’s Day’, if you’ve ditched the dating apps and want to hang out with your mates for the day instead…), it’s time to start thinking about the best way to show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you. Obviously, you’ll be off to a great start if you bag a bottle of something truly special to open together to celebrate in style, whether that’s over a lovingly made dinner, a picturesque picnic during a sunset (might need your thermals for that) or movie night in with a takeout.

So to mark the occasion, we’ve lovingly come up with a selection of our favourite wines to make sure your romantic day together is bellissimo!

Champagne Brunch: Bonnet Launois

Only the best for the best will do! And nothing quite says it better than popping open the bubbly. This beautifully classic champagne, with a little sweetness and a crisp elegant finish is perfect to raise a toast to how fabulous you both are.  Need we say more!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Here’s a Wine to go with Dinner for Two: James Martin Syrah

You’ve prepared the dinner, the table is set, the candles are flickering away. All that’s left to sweeten the deal is to open that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving to go with your (hopefully) delicious meal. To accompany it, we’ve chosen James Martin’s Syrah from our Signature Chef Collection. Complete with truffle and coffee on the nose, it is bursting with rich red fruit notes and a soft pallet to perfectly complement your dish. If you’re lacking inspiration on the food side, you can always follow James’ bespoke recipe specifically created to match this wine…just a thought.

Prosecco Picnic at Sunset: Bacio della Luna Rose

You’d be taking a risk with the weather here to pull this one off, but sometimes risks are worth taking when it comes to love…(this blog was going to be pure cheese, come on!). Luckily there are no risks to be taken though when choosing Bacio della Luna Rose as your prosecco of choice for the date, as it is always simply wonderful. A blend of delicate fruit and floral flavours, it’s passionate thanks to its sweet rose petal and strawberry notes. One to enjoy the view with!

Netflix & Chill(ed wine): Pa Road Sauvingon Blanc

Sometimes it’s nice to keep it low key, and enjoy a rare night in, just the two of you. Grabbing your favourite takeout, checking out the latest Netflix release and sharing a nice bottle of white is all you need. We’ve got just the wine, our Pa Road Sauvignon Blanc is an absolute winner. A gem from New Zealand, it is lovely and crisp with grapefruit and passionfruit flavours followed by a long citrusy finish.

Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls, Drink Rose together: Belles du Sud

Valentine’s Day is no longer reserved for the loved up couples, and if you’ve not been lucky in love you will be lucky enough to have a great group of mates to spend the evening with instead. So, get together and open up a bottle or two of our Belles du Sud. As the name suggests, it truly is a southern beauty from France. A beautifully light, pale rose that has a drop of sweetness, slight spicy notes and exotic hints of red fruits and grapefruit, with a refreshingly moreish aftertaste. Each bottle also has a unique design and label to make it extra special for a day with the gals!