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Halloween Picks: The Baddies
The Baddies mixed case


Celebrate Halloween with 'The Baddies' - a selection of devilishly good wines handpicked for their unique and bold flavours.

That fateful time of year has crept up on us, where we dig up our best (and worst) scary costumes from the closet, carve an unnecessary amount of pumpkins before popping candles in them and of course, get ready for the classic Halloween party. In between deciding whether to go as Harley Quinn covered in fake blood or Donald Trump, whether you’re hosting or a guest, the next priority is deciding what to offer your guests (or your hosts) to drink throughout the evening, because let’s face it, no good Halloween party has ever been without a bottle or three of wine.

As we all know, picking a decent wine can be tricky, but picking a decent memorable wine is even tricker. There are no tricks here, only treats, which is why’ve made it simple for you and have created a mixed case perfect for this occasion. ‘The Baddies’ is an eclectic mix of rare, unusual, but simply delectable wines, specially selected for their unique and bold flavours.  Here’s a run down on our baddies:

This devilish little number not only looks the part, but tastes the part too. A full-bodied, deep and intense red, balanced by a soft and velvety flavour. Il Potere – ‘the power’ in Italian’ – is the perfect addition to the Halloween table and accompanies spicy dishes and chocolate superbly.

Another from Masso Antico, the Fiano is an unusual find and what we’d consider a delightfully rare bottle. It’s a pearl from Puglia, from a vineyard where the grapes are handpicked and dried in the cellars, before being aged in wooden barrels. The result is a sharp, citrus flavour – intense and complex – like all good villains.

This limited edition has snuck its way into the selection thanks to its unique artwork, flavour profile and name. Designed by Artist Rich Davies (Abandon Ship Art), the label matches the expertly crafted Argentine Malbec. It’s the ideal opener, so you can impress your hosts, before ‘abandoning ship’ early and getting home without too much of a headache….

From one of the oldest wineries in the region, there is certainly nothing dead beat about this Rioja. Only 18,000 bottles of this wine have ever been produced, with grapes grown in one of the most premium parts of the area called Rioja Alavesa. It’s as expressive as it is aromatic. Notes of plums, and blackcurrant followed by cocoa, cinnamon and gingerbread spices. A spine-tingling winner for the more experienced wine drinkers.

Bursting onto the scene is a fresh and aromatic white. Powerful citrus and blossom flavours end with a refreshing hint of delicate bitterness. It’s not one you’ll find on the shelves everyday, but is a winner on its own, or it can be brought to life when accompanying fish dishes.

What party would be complete without a bottle of fizz? Deep in pink colouring fitting for the occasion, the taste is gentle with a persistent bubble. Rose petals and strawberry notes create a long, pleasant finish, with a dash of violet to give it that extra hit. It’s almost criminal how moreish this one is…