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Wines as Horror Films: The Baddies


Happy Halloween weekend! 🎃 In the haunted spirit of the occasion, we have prepared a selection of 'Wines as Horror Films'. We've got some classic gory gems in there, paired with just the right intense and complex wines for the occasion 😈

Masso Antico Il Potere: The Omen

Il Potere, which translates to ‘The Power ‘ in Italian certainly meets its match with The Omen. In a devil red bottle, with a deep and intense flavour, this one’s our pick to watch with a classic horror – The Omen.

Larchago Rioja Crianza: Hereditary

Made at one of the oldest wineries in the area, the skill behind Larchago Rioja Crianza runs in the family.  An expressive and surprising wine…much like this film. Make sure you pop your wine glass down at some moments when watching, or you may end up with wine stained walls!

Masso Antico Fiano: Midsommar

Floral, with blossom flavours, it seems at first, sweet and simple. Until the complex after flavours creep in for a little surprise. When you watch Midsommar, you’ll understand why this is THE perfect match for this intensely disturbing movie.

Viñalba x Abandon Ship: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Much like Frankenstein, the Vinalba x Abandon ship is a meshing together of two very different bodies. With an Argentinian base crossed with a Scottish design, it is a thing of beauty, even if at first it is misunderstood…you see where we’re going with that. 

Bacio Della Luna Prosecco Rose DOC: Dracula

If you’ve ever heard the tale of Dracula, you’ll know that being around him is basically the kiss of death, though you may not know it to begin with. You’re lulled in by a charm, a presence, which is what makes the Bacio Della Luna Prosecco Rose DOC the ideal match. ‘Bacio’ – ‘Kiss’ in Italian – Della Luna Prosecco Rose DOC is sure to bring any Halloween evening back from the dead though.

Picpoul de Pinet Saint Auriol: Jaws

Powerful, unexpected and a hint of bitterness to finish. Perfect when paired with fish.