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Garden Party Must Have Wines


We’re still clinging onto the Summer (it’s not quite over yet!), and with the August bank holiday coming up there’s still time to squeeze in a few last garden parties. What better excuse is there to invite your friends, family or neighbours over, have a good old chinwag in the late summer sun and crack open a few bottles of some fab, unique wines for your guests to enjoy. 

We might be a tad biased, but we think that having a few different options to offer out (everyone’s tastes are different after all!) is always best. There are so many options out there that it’s a little daunting when it comes to trying to select what you’re Uncle Jerry might like vs what your best friend Kelly will enjoy a glass or two of for example, so we’ve made it super easy for you with some handy recommendations!

Best Bubblies to Start

It’s always nice to be greeted with a glass of bubbly on arrival, very few people will say no to a welcome fizz. When we think of serving champagne or prosecco to guests, we often think – expensive. Well, we’re here to tell you that really delicious champagne and prosecco doesn’t have to break the bank at all. In fact, there are some brilliantly great value proseccos and champagnes that your guests would never know aren’t at the higher end of the price tag.

Prosecco we recommend: Bacio della Luna Organic for its great flavour and value. The sweet refreshing taste is accompanied by a little classic dryness, alongside a hint of pear. It’s a wonderful aperitif, and is best served extra chilled.

Champagne we recommend: Bonnet Launois is the extra special stuff. Made by a small producer, this award-winning champagne is as crisp and delicate as it is lively in character. It’s the perfect first glass, or if you’re celebrating, the one you’ll want to raise a toast with.

Fantastic Frosé’s

Who said slushies were just for kids? The frosé is the ideal trendy summer drink and super simple to make. Simply blend a rosé slightly on the fruity side with strawberries, sugar, a little lemon and plenty of crushed ice. Pour into coupe glasses and serve with a strawberry slice. They’re superb for cooling off on a hot summer’s day and an absolute delight for your guests.

Rosé we recommend: Masso Antico Primitivo Rosé is a fruiter, sweeter rosé with a combination of strawberry and watermelon notes that makes it the perfect partner for the frosé combo.

Reds for the BBQ

Sometimes you really do just need a fabulous red to accompany your finest BBQ’ing skills. Those racks of ribs, succulent quarter-pound beef burgers, chargrilled roasted vegetables and ribeye steaks deserve a red to match.

Reds we recommend:

Vinalba Reserve Malbec x Abandon Ship: this has all of the qualities to match high-quality BBQ cooked steaks and ribs. The tannins are slightly heavier, accompanied by the bold and full of character flavours of blackcurrant, plums and a hint of vanilla.

James Martin’s Syrah: developed by one of Britain’s best loved chefs, it’s no surprise that James’ Syrah has made the list. This is a wine for ‘foodies’ and is complete with complex and rich flavours that will make hearty BBQ dishes melt in your mouth. Thanks to its slight smokiness it complements the BBQ flavours as the perfect pairing.

Whites to Chill out with

You don’t always need to pair wine with anything other than good company. A chilled bottle of white straight from the fridge is just as lovely to sip away at whilst catching up with your friends. For summer in the garden, we’d suggest opting for a crisp and refreshing white, over ones with too bold and rich a flavour.

Whites we recommend:

Pa Road Sauvignon Blanc: where would we be without a reliably wonderful Savvy B? It’s everything you could ever want from a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Not only is it crisp, but it has a long citrus finish balanced by delicate floral aromas.

Vinalba Seleccion Torrontés: Argentina’s answer to the Pinot Grigio, the Torrontés is made from the signature white grape grown only in Argentina. It’s wonderfully underrated, with soft peach and lychee flavours giving it a light, bright and fresh taste.

Refreshing Rosé’s

Of course, it’s still rosé season and we couldn’t not mention a couple of our favourites. A glass of rosé in the sunshine is always reminiscent of being on holiday and is almost always a garden party ‘best seller’, so make sure you stock up for your guests because it’s sure to be the most popular drink of the day!

Rosé’s we recommend:

Belle du Sud Rosé: the very definition of Southern French rosé, it is so exquisitely light in both colour, taste and alcohol volume. At 10%, it’s a fab choice for those who enjoy a lighter, simpler wine. The blend of Cinsault and Grenache grapes give the Belle du Sud it’s wonderfully pale pink look, whilst bringing out floral aromas with just a hint of grapefruit. A beautifully balanced, elegant wine you and your friends will adore.

French Bulldog Rosé: another from Southern France, but we couldn’t resist because it is an absolute sheer delight to taste. It’s bolder without losing the delicate nature of a classic French rosé. You can expect floral and fruity aromas of strawberry, with slightly spiced red fruit and a little complexity to give it a real edge.