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Halloween Special: Wine Picks for VinoVillains


It’s nearly spooky season, which means it’s a time for villains, not heroes. But which wines would some of our worst fictional bad guys have in their wine collection? Well, the answer to this pressing question is below, as we’ve chosen from a list of truly nasty characters and paired them up with some wines we think suit them perfectly.

Bacio Della Luna Prosecco Rosé DOC: Dracula

If you’ve ever heard the tale of Dracula, you’ll know that being around him is basically the kiss of death, though you may not know it to begin with. You’re lulled in by a charming, delightful presence, which is what makes the Bacio Della Luna Prosecco Rosé DOC the ideal match. Luckily, ‘Bacio’ – which means ‘Kiss’ in Italian – Della Luna Prosecco Rosé DOC just provides the charm and delight, without the vampire bit.

Masso Antico Il Potere: Voldemort

He who must not be named would have no problem naming his favourite wine though, which would almost certainly be Masso Antico’s Il Potere. ‘Il Potere’ – or ‘The Power’ – in Italian, sums up Voldemort, or at least his ego.  To be fair, not even the best sorcerer could conjure up a better wine for this villain. In a devil red bottle, with a deep and intense flavour, this blend of Primitivo & Negroamaro grapes gives it a powerful, memorable finish. It’ll certainly leave its mark that’s for sure….

Vinalba Reserve Malbec x Abandon Ship: Captain Barbosa

Definitely a ship you’d want to abandon if it was captained by a member of the cursed undead. As we all know, pirates have a solid collection of booze on board, and we reckon even the walking dead would probably appreciate a wine that echoes the cries of their victims as they plunder an unsuspecting boat. Vinalba Reserve Malbec x Abandon Ship gives as good as it gets, with a bold, smooth and full-bodied taste, followed by a hint of bitter chocolate. As unique in flavour as it is in looks with its Limited Edition label design, it’s quirky, a little dark and an ideal pairing for this pirate.

James Martin’s Syrah: Sweeney Todd

Well, Mrs Lovett was a bit of dab hand when it came to cooking. She certainly appreciated Sweeney Todd’s handy work, and we can only imagine them raising a toast to their murdery ways together with a true foodie’s wine. The Syrah is as complex as Sweeney Todd’s backstory, full in body (unlike his customers..), with aromas of truffle, coffee and red fruits giving it a long finish. We’d usually recommend sharing this wine with friends but given Sweeney’s track record we think he should keep this one between him and Mrs Lovett.

French Bulldog Grenache: Cruella De Vil

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. Maybe she’ll be a bit less scary with a glass of French Bulldog Grenache? The one thing this wine won’t leave you feeling is ‘miserable, darling. Perfectly wretched’. Cruella De Vil would 100% be obsessed with this wine, and not just because of its name or label with man’s best friend on it. Powerful, yet wonderfully velvety, it’s a delicate balance between fruit, spice and beautiful acidity.

Lunadoro Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano: Hannibal

Is this our worst Villain yet? Almost certainly. Well…at least he enjoyed a nice Tuscan wine?! We think he’d have a collection of some fine wines in his cellar, including the Lunadoro Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano. A deep ruby red colour, complex notes, sweet tannins and floral notes with a hint of smokiness. Excellent with traditional Tuscan cuisine, but if you’re an old friend, maybe don’t go to his for dinner. Quid pro quo…