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4 Wine Trends to Look out for in 2022


Discover the 4 wine trends to look out for that are set to make their mark in 2022. From organic wines to wine-based cocktails.
  • It’s Organic’s Time to Shine

Yep, the focus on Organic wine is number one this year. Being conscious about the products we buy, where they’ve come from, the way that they’re produced and overall sustainability is now a firm priority for wine too. We’re a bunch of (and rightly so) very conscious consumers, which has led to more and more of us seeking out specific qualities, including organic still and sparkling wines. This has created a wave across the globe, as more and more vineyards go organic, there are now plenty of organic wines available on the shelves. Even better news is as the demand continues to increase, so will the amount of wines! A win for everyone!

  • Find Your ‘House Wine’

We’ve all had to spend way too much time at home over the last 2 years (!), which has led to this latest trend emerging. It’s a simple and an obvious one really – your ‘house wine’ is about finding a deliciously reliable go-to wine that you drink at home. Now we’re not normally ones to say ‘stick to one type of wine’, we believe in variety, but you do always have to have that one wine that is always reliable, a favourite in the house. Whether it’s to share over dinner, have a glass of after work or whilst you’re watching a film on the sofa, your ‘house wines’ are ones that are just guaranteed to hit the spot. And let’s be honest, it’s always a good feeling when you find a brand’s style that totally clicks with any occasion you’d like it for. What’s even better, is sharing it with your friends and family, and it instantly becoming their house wine too!

  • Wine Based Cocktails

This one definitely makes us dream of summer and…warmth. Wine based cocktails have been growing in popularity over the last few years, with spritzers leading the way. In particular, the Aperol spritz gave wine cocktails a new lease of life and has since paved the way for prosecco, sparkling wine, rosé and champagne to be thoroughly enjoyed in new and exciting ways. But it’s not just the Spritz, if you’ve got an extra sweet tooth then making Frosés (a blend of rosé, ice, strawberries, lemon and sugar) for your guests to cool off will be an absolute winner. And we can’t forget the classic Sangria which is a must for any BBQ (again…we’re wishing for warmer days here!). Basically, wine cocktails and summer, hurry up please.

  • You Can Keep it Premium

By premium, what we really mean is quality. Premium doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank for one bottle of wine, but it does mean discovering true quality wines that really deliver flavour, experience and most importantly, enjoyment. Where we’ve all tightened our belts a bit over the last couple of years, quality is now extra important. We don’t want to spend our money on something that is just ‘not bad’. We want the wine that we buy to be worth it in every sense. And let’s be honest, when we get to treat ourselves to a bottle of wine that really looks and tastes the part, it’s a much better way to start a weekend, right?