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Summer Red Wine & Cheese Pairings


A natural staple of indulgent meals, or cosy nights-in during winter months, red wine & cheese pairings are often overlooked in the warmer & sunnier summer period. Full-bodied red wines usually pair well with bold & strong cheeses like cheddar or blue cheese as they can stand up to the tannins in the wine. This hearty pairing is usually what makes the occasion undesired or somewhat off-limits in summer.

With this year’s National Cheese & Wine Day taking place on 25th July, we wanted to discus some perfect red wine & cheese pairings for summer. Focusing on fruitier reds, we know that these vinoheroes and their cheese sidekicks will add another dimension to your summer get togethers, barbeques, or simply an evening outside on the patio.

Amicone Rosso is one of our Italian staples. Made in an appassimento style using partly dried grapes, it is bursting with deep black berried fruit flavours and notes of sweet spices and chocolate. The phrase “grows together, goes together” comes to mind when thinking of this pairing. Amicone is from the food haven that is northern Italy. We would suggest Pecorino Toscano or Parmigiano Reggiano. The hard, aged textures pairs wonderfully with the wine’s black fruit holding up perfectly against the boldness of the cheese.

Pa Road Pinot Noir is from the award-winning te Pa family vineyards in Marlborough, New Zealand. On the palate, this wine brings a real fruity lightness with aromas of ripe cherries and red fruits, with hints of dried herbs and mocha notes. This wine is a perfect drink for summer barbecues or nights by the firepit. Therefore, we would pair with light and nutty cheeses such as Gruyère. The creamy, nutty notes balance the complex fruitiness of the Pinot Noir. Goats Cheese would also be a nice compliment when used in a tart or salad.

Masso Antico Primitivo is a red made for summer. Hailing from Puglia in southern Italy, Masso Antico benefits from the combination of local sea breezes, intense Mediterranean heat, and some oak barrel ageing results in a full-bodied wine with a deep ruby red colour, mature fruit aromas and spicy notes, soft tannins and a touch of vanilla on the finish. Freshly grilled Halloumi or a smoked Gouda would be an excellent pairing for this Primitivo (also known as Zinfandel) grape. The bold, spice filled palate make it a natural companion for flavourful cheese amongst BBQ food. You will definitely want a second glass of this little gem, rated 99 points from wine expert Luca Maroni.

La Pepica Monastrell is inspired by the legendary Valencian restaurant La Pepica, made from 100% Monastrell. It has a beautiful deep ruby colour with purple hues. Powerful aromas of fresh red and black fruits with just a hint of sweet spice. Being a Spanish red, it may be no surprise to pair this with Manchego cheese. This sweet yet savoury tasting hard cheese offers a balance between acidity, fruit, and tannin in the wine.

You can find each of these summer reds on Vinohero. So, grab a bottle, find the cheese knife, and give these pairings a try. We are certain that it will become a summer staple of indulgent enjoyment.