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Amicale: Same Great Wine, Brand New Name
Amicale Rosso Italian Red Wine


Straight from the picturesque Veneto hills, we’d like to introduce you to Amicale. Formerly known as ‘Amicone’, you can expect the same great wine, just with a brand new name.

Amicale, or “Friendly” in Italian, has been renamed as such to reflect the vibrant and passionate flavour of the wines, to be enjoyed together with the best of friends.

Surrounded by the rolling countryside, the cities of Verona and Venice conjure up images of rich romantic culture that are so synonymous with the region, and it was from this setting that Amicale was born. Thanks to the combination of warmth at the Veneto foothills and the light winds of Lake Garda, the Italian terroir lends itself perfectly to create a truly passionate and rich wine to perfectly fit its home setting.

You can’t always be in the romantic Italian countryside of Veneto though (sadly), and so we present you with Amicale to bring a little of the Italian romance to your table. The Amicale Rosso does just that, encapsulating the beauty and passion of Veneto within an elegant, fruity red. Softened by its appassimento style, deep black berried flavours are followed by a rich and full-bodied palate. To finish, sweet spices and chocolate notes linger, thanks to the slow maturation in oak barrels, giving this wine an added depth and complexity that we just know you’ll love.

To accompany this stylish wine, you’ll find that red meats, game and particularly cheese pair superbly with a glass of Amicale. What’s more, not only does it make a fantastic accompaniment, it will transport you and whoever you choose to share it with to one of the most beautiful places in Italy. If that’s not a reason to try it, then we don’t know what is!